Wake Rheumatology & Osteoporosis Consultants, PA


Please follow the CDC and governmental guidelines so we can all work towards overcoming the pandemic crisis.  For more information please follow https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/ and http://www.Coronavirus.gov

We are committed to keeping our patients and staff safe especially during the COVID-19, while continuing to provide quality care. We are transitioning from in-person office visits to virtual visits until the pandemic settles. Infusion services will continue to be provided in the office.

How to participate in a Televisit?

  • To schedule a virtual visit please call the office at (919) 872-9762.
  • You will be notified via an email with link for the virtual visit.
  • You can access the televisit using the healow app from your phone or from the Patient Portal.
  • Here is some useful information for Televist:
  • Please inform us if you are unable to participate in a virtual visit so we can make other arrangements.

Our staff will be available for prescription refill request and to answer any questions.

Note for Infusion Patients:

  • Patients are screened for fever when they arrive.
  • Patients are requested to wear masks, scarfs or bandana to cover their mouth while in the office.
  • Nursing staff will be wearing gloves and masks while providing care.
  • During the infusion, each patient is seated 10 plus feet away from other infusion patients.
  • The infusion room is thoroughly sanitized and cleaned between infusion patients.
  • Since we have moved all other appointments to virtual visits, we are able to keep a small number of infusion patients in the office at once to reduce exposure risks.