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The following patient assistance programs are available for those who meet the qualification criteria. Biologic and infusion therapy may qualify for copayment and coinsurance assistance.

Patient Advocate Foundation: The PAF Co Pay Relief Program helps eligible insured patients to pay for treatment, prescription and out of pocket expenses. Further information is available at www.patientadvocate.org.

Healthwell Foundation: The Healthwell Foundation provides financial assistance to cover coinsurance, copayments and deductible for certain medications and therapies. Medicare and Medicaid patients are also eligible to apply to this assistance program. Details regarding this program are available at www.healthwellfoundation.org.

Patient Access Network Foundation: An assistance program for patients with a chronic illness including an autoimmune illness. Further information is available at www.panfoundation.org.

Patient assistance programs are also available from pharmaceutical companies to assist with their specific drug infusion therapy.